Professional Pilot Programs

Channel Islands Aviation has been in the business of training pilots professionally since our inception in 1976. Countless pilots have received certificates and ratings from CIA and have gone on to pursue careers with the airlines and corporate operators. Our Professional Pilot Program is designed to take you from zero time to Commercial Pilot preparing you for your aviation career. Our FAA Approved Part 141 Pilot School makes achieving your dream more affordable with lower completion times for ratings. If you’re looking for an office with a view of the flight levels, allow CIA to help you get there!

Liberty University School of Aeronautics Flight Training Affiliate Program

With the introduction of their Flight Training Affiliate (FTA) program, Liberty University has created the nation’s largest flight school training network. Through this program, students can complete their general education requirements and the classroom portion of their aeronautics degree program online, and finish their training through Channel Islands Flight School, one of Liberty’s Flight Training Affiliates. For detailed information, please visit

Liberty University is proud to serve the men and women of the U.S. military and offers the following benefits:

  • College Credit for Military Training
  • GI Bill/Veterans Affairs Benefits
  • Military Scholarships
  • Tuition Assistance

For more information, visit

Liberty University is a partner in the Yellow Ribbon program, which allows eligible students to continue their studies once their annual GI Bill funding has been exceeded. Liberty does not have an annual cap on Yellow Ribbon programs.

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SkyWest Pilot Cadet Program

Channel Islands Aviation is partnered with SkyWest Airlines for a Pilot Cadet Program. This bridge program is designed to give those enrolled in our Professional Pilot Program a path to employment with the airline. To be eligible for the program, pilots must complete his or her Instrument, Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor with our flight school and receive a letter of recommendation from our flight school manager.
Once a pilot has completed our Professional Pilot Program, he or she may apply to become a SkyWest pilot cadet, which includes the opportunity to interact with SkyWest pilots. Additionally, he or she will have the opportunity to interview with CIA for an instructor pilot position. If we are not hiring at the time, the pilot cadet will have the opportunity to work for another flight school in the SkyWest Pilot Cadet Program. While in the Pilot Cadet Program, cadets must maintain a minimum grade point average and complete advanced jet training courses. After successful completion of the program and satisfactory passing of the ATP written test, the Pilot Cadet will have a guaranteed interview with SkyWest for a first officer position.


Youth Aviation Academy

If your teen is interested in aviation, allow their dream to take flight by enrolling them in our Youth Aviation Academy. Created in 2012 as a way to expose teens to careers in aviation, we’ve introduced over one hundred and fifty youth to the industry. Taught by professional flight instructors, teens learn about aviation careers, airplanes, aerodynamics, engines, weather and more! Hands on activities teach them the importance of a thorough pre-flight, how to enter the pattern at the Camarillo Airport and they even log a flight lesson in our Redbird Flight Simulator. Sessions are topped off with the optional flight lesson where your son or daughter will take the controls accompanied by an experienced flight instructor!
Sessions start in June annually and are offered to teens from 12 to 16 years of age. Our Basic session is for those brand new to aviation and our Advanced session is for those who have either attended our Basic program in the past or have prior aviation experience. Ground school, guest speakers and activities are scheduled Wednesday through Friday morning and the week concludes with a pizza party Friday afternoon followed by the optional flight lessons.
Included in the price of a session is nine hours of learning, a private thirty minute flight simulator lesson, a pilot logbook, t-shirt and pizza graduation party. Flight lessons are available at additional cost.

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